- Sulphur & Wine  -

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- Sulphur & Wine -

Many of us, everyday drinkers, don't give a lot of thought to the chemical processes behind that tasty glass of wine we pour after a long day. 



But did you know one of the most common components in wine is Sulphur?


Sulphur Dioxide (S02) is indispensable in the winery. It acts as an antioxidant and an antiseptic. Sulphur is used to protect freshly harvested grapes and levels throughout the winemaking process. Levels of S02 are strictly monitored by the laws of the region producing the wines- because, at certain levels, it can be highly toxic. 


Antioxidant: S02 protects the grape juice and wine from the effects of oxidation


Antiseptic: SO2 is toxic to many strains of yeast and bacteria that can cause unwanted flavours in wines. 

Sulfur and Wine

"Contains Sulphites" is something you'll see on the label of most wines, and now you know why!



What we are drinking this week at Bug and Olive Mercantile Company:

This week we are living for Old Vine Garnacha. 

"Salvaje" means wild in Spanish and wild this wine is. 



This glorious red comes from vineyards from different areas of the Ebro Valley in northeast Spain with stony soils. The average age of the vines is 55 years, located at the approximately 810m of north-facing elevation this bright refreshing raspberry and wild herb notes. This was exactly what I needed after a long day - pair with tired feet, a long day, and if you want food suggestions:

Roasted Peppers
Tomato Sauce
Roasted Duck
Roasted Vegetable

This wine contains sulphites (see what we did there) 


This heavy hitter should be under $25 at your local beverage supply shoppe ;)


Until next week, stay thirsty. 



Emelia Coryn

Sommelier & Artist in Residence 




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