- Château de Brissac and the Ghost of the Green Lady -

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- Château de Brissac and the Ghost of the Green Lady -



We love spooky wine…. 


Halloween Haunted Wineries


Although there are many spooky stories we wanted to share, this murderous castle jumped to the top of our list. When the world opens up, has a pretty bomb DOT com haunted bed & breakfast that we CANNOT wait to visit. 


Château  Brissac located in the Anjou, Liore Valley, France. 


Chateau de Brissac - Anjou Liore Valley, A haunted winery and France's largest castle

Brissac is a family-owned chateau, owned by the same family since 26 May 1502, date of purchase of the domain of Brissac by René de Cossé a gentleman from Angers. 519 years later, in 2021, his descendants, the Duc and the Duchess still live in the château with their four children.


So, what makes this medieval castle so spooky?

The two towers which give Château Brissac its medieval appearance are reminiscent of the last century and the most perfect - at least in civil architecture - of the so-called Gothic style.


In the 9th century, Pierre de Brézé, the man who rebuilt the castle of Brissac, the tallest standing castle (7 floors, 204 rooms) in France. He was killed in 1465 while saving the king in the battle of Montlhéry. 

Pierre’s son, Jacques, who bore the title of Count of Maulévrier married the daughter of Charles VII, Charlotte. Known for her beauty and charm.

On May 31, 1477, Jacques is said to have returned from a hunting trip, had dinner with his wife, and then went to his room. In the middle of the night, a servant woke Jacques up to inform him that his wife was having an affair with a man by the name of Pierre de Lavergne.

Jacques caught his wife and her lover red-handed, and in a fit of rage, murdered the adulterous couple. It is said that Jacques moved out of the château shortly after the murder, as he could not stand the moaning of his late wife’s and her lovers' ghosts. Many say the castle still sees the presence of the soul of Charlotte, wandering the halls at night, always wearing her favourite green dress. She is now referred to as, 'la Dame Verte.'


Haunted Halloween Castles - La Dame Verte - The Green lady ghost of chateau de Brissac Liore Valley France


The château today still produces wine! 


The Five Centuries at Castle Brissac vineyard and wine tasting in the cellars of the Château :


Planted in 2002 to commemorate the 500 years of the Cossé Brissac family, the Five centuries vineyard is located opposite the mausoleum. The wine of the domain of Brissac is the fruit of 26 hectares of vineyards which produce mostly AOC rosé wine.



Would you spend a night in this amazing spooky castle? 

We would.



Until next time, stay thirsty.


Artist and Sommelier in Residence - Emelia Coryn

Emelia Coryn
Sommelier & Artist in Residence 
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